Visualization of a volleyball court created using Loop Line and Loop Arc for an international sports event in Sweden 2013.

Visualization of a park area in Søllerød, Denmark. They featured sitting products are Starfish, HopOp and Loop.
Visualization of Loop Arc combinations in the schoolyard at Norbertus College, Netherlands.
Visualization of a courtyard with SuperFine Table, SuperFine Bench, SuperFine Plinth and SuperFine Seats, Copenhagen.
Visualization of Boa, Loop and Loop Arc in a schoolyard, Belgium.
Visualization of Loop Arc, Scoop and HopOp500 generating a meeting area at Central Station in Utrecht, Netherlands.
Visualization of Loop Arc and Scoop at the arrival area at Espace des Arts - a gallery in France.
Visualization of the Loop Line in composition with two custom-made Loops split in two halves. The composition is surrounded by HopOp500 and Scoop, Netherlands.
Visual composition of Loop and HopOp500.
Visualization of the town square in Nyråd, Denmark. The presented products for sitting are: Loop, Boa, Loop Arc, HopOp and Starfish.