This urban element is hard to categorize. A sculptural mix between a solid concrete bollard, a solar-powered light, a resting spot or gathering point and a bicycle parking stand for 11 bicycles.

Free light – no cables – no installation issues.

Ambient, indirect light diffuses through the slits to create a star pattern. Use in a bike parking area, as a focal point in a square and/or to restrict an area for traffic or reduce speed.


Jello – as indicated by the name – was inspired by a cake- or jelly mould. The simple trick of turning it upside-down gave rise to a series of utility scenarios: Light can flow through the openings of the shape; bicycles can be parked between the legs and the entire, mobile entity can be used as a meeting / resting spot or for traffic limitation.

The cake-shape is a multifunctional design object for modern, dynamic urban space.

Technical data

Material and surface
Body: Moulded white/anthracite wet concrete. Resists wear and weather. Fibrous concrete is a dynamic material. Minor, cosmetic cracks may occur over time. Reinforced with stainless steel to strengthen the legs.
Light unit: Top ring made in stainless steel, top cover for solar cell in 6mm tempered glass.

Ø1165 x 706mm.

Bike function
Up to 11 bikes can be placed in the slits. An installation with Jello and 11 bikes reaches a diameter of max. 4m.

Light function
Guide- and atmospheric light.
Top-mounted solar unit emits ambient, indirect light, pointed downwards. Light diffuses through slits to create a star-pattern.
During daylight hours the solar energy gets stored on a battery - through a solar cell. At dusk the light will turn on (via a preset clock) and light up all evening and night, according to the charged energy. At sunrise the light will turn off again.

Light unit
Solar cell: Monocrystalline, 3Wp. Battery: Li-Ion, 3.7V/4.500mAh. LED: 3 x 1W white (4000K). Electronics: Intelligent processor controlled for optimum energy storage and light optimization incl. RTC-clock.  

Directly postioned on the ground. No fixation needed due to its weight of 400kg. 

Mechanical strength
IP-rating: IP 65 / IK-rating: IK 8 / Corrosion class: C4

Maintenance-free, except for change of battery after approx. 6 years.
Keep top with solarcells free of dirt to ensure max. light.
The surface is treated with a coating, which has a repelling effect on dirt and particles.
In case an anti-graffiti surface is needed,  it is recommended to give the surface an anti-graffiti treatment which is offered as supplement.

Version without light: Jello #313
Variant colour: Grey (RAL 7004) and anthracite (RAL 7016)
Other light colour, other battery type or other light profiles.

Product code
#314 0250 Jello Sun, white / 400kg

Light bollard with integrated solar power. No cables, no installation issues, no maintenance.
Resting place, rendezvous and bicycle parking for 11 bicycles in one product.
Material: Body: Moulded white concrete. Light unit: Top ring in stainless steel, top cover tempered glass.

Light unit: Monocrystalline solar cells.3 x LED. Battery for energy storage: Li-Ion. Intelligent processor, RTC clock.
Dimension:  Ø1165 x 706mm


Standard colours
(approx. RAL)
White: RAL 9002
Variant colours
(approx. RAL)
Grey: RAL 7004
Anthracite: RAL 7016