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Loop til planter



Loop Arc is an innovative piece of furniture for sitting and socializing. Clean simplicity. Options unfold in combination with several Loop Arcs or other members of the loop family: twisting through trees, squares and playgrounds or forming variously shaped sandpits.

AART Designers

The curved shape of Loop ARC twists unhindered through the urban landscapes accompanied by the other members of the Loop family. These Loop Arc combinations intuitively enfold elements of street life, angling seating to face new directions.

The soft, organic design is intended to challenge the frequently stringent and angular expression of squares and spaces.

Inspired by
Technical data

Rotation moulded polyethene, 6-7 mm thick, dyed. Moulded in one piece. UV-resistant stands up to weather, wear and tear. The material is suitable for granulation and recycling.

Surfaces and friction
The products have a textured/granulated surface due to the abrasive blasting of the mould. This process enhances the friction and makes the surface less slippery.

TÜV approved as playground equipment acc. EN1176.

One module: R1300mm, H400mm, Width (cross-section): 400mm. 3 x modules (circle): outside diameter: Ø2600 / inside diameter Ø1770mm (seen from the top). 8-10 seats inside / 12-14 seats outside. In the centre playground for 4-5 children.

Form Loop Arc like an ”O” (circle, 3 modules), like a “C” (2 modules), or like an “S” (2 or more modules). Also, combine Loop Arc with Loop.

If the Loop Arc is used as an O, where it is placed around an object, allow a little extra space. We recommend that the object surrounded by the three Loop Arc should not have a diameter larger than ø1750mm.

Armrests can be placed between the modules.
Material: Stainless steel, glass blown
Also works as a mounting bracket. Therefore, B4 mounting brackets can be omitted when armrests are used. Dimensions can be found under "dimensions" in download.

Assembling & fixation
The modules are joined with brackets (B4) at either end. Fill them 3/4 with water (225 litres) / sand (225 kg) or fasten them to the ground. Brackets to be ordered separately.

Recycled and eco-labelled*
The recycled version is made from 100% recycled polyethene plastic, of which 85% comes from internal waste and production surplus, and 15% from polyethene bags.
The recycled version is eco-labelled, promoting a circular economy and fulfils UN’s sustainable development goal no.12 – Responsible consumption and production.
The recycled version is available in an anthracite variant, yet colour can vary from order to order.

This product withstands most cleaning agents and chemicals and can be cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner. The colour can be revived using vinyl cleaner or similar.

Loop, Loop Light, Loop Line


Curved bench, building module to a circle, a snake.
Material: Rotation moulded polyethene, 6 mm thick, dyed.
One module: R1300mm, H400mm, Width (cross section): 400mm.
Fixation: For ground and surface fixation or fill with water/sand.

Product code
137 1101 Loop Arc red / 26kg
137 1102 Loop Arc limegreen / 26kg
137 1103 Loop Arc orange / 26kg
137 1104 Loop Arc yellow / 26kg
137 1109 Loop Arc purple / 26kg
137 1111 Loop Arc sandstone / 26kg
137 1119 Loop Arc grey / 26kg
137 1117 Loop Arc blue / 26kg
137 1115 Loop Arc pastel blue / 26kg
137 1116 Loop Arc mokka brown / 26kg
137 1118 Loop Arc olive green / 26kg
137 1150 Loop Arc white / 26kg
137 1120 Loop Arc recycled anthracite / 26kg
900B2 Brackets for ground fixation
900B3 Brackets for surface fixation
900B4 Connection bracket
900R2 Rubber feet

209 Armrest for Loop Arc

Standard colours
(approx. RAL)
Red: RAL 3020
Limegreen: RAL 120 70 60
Orange: RAL 2003
Variant colours
(approx. RAL)
Yellow: RAL 1018
Purple: RAL 4004
Grey: RAL 7015
Blue: RAL 5010
Pastel blue: RAL 5024
Mokka brown: RAL 8028
Olive green: RAL 6025
White: RAL 9003
Recycled: Anthracite*
High-pressure cleaning
Højtryksrensning af Loop

All our plastic products (polyethylene) can be cleaned effectively with a high-pressure washer.