Loop Cone Table may be combined with different seating elements. This enables a large number of combinations. For instance Loop Cone Table may be combined with Loop Arc to create a wave pattern of seating with tables interposed. Using HopOp seating bollards on the other hand creates round groups of seating.

AART Designers

Loop Cone was originally created as a backrest for Loop. During the design process Loop Cone became a multifunctional product in its own right.

The final design of Loop Cone works as a table, a backrest, a planter and a seat.

LOOP CONE TABLE is design protected.

Technical data

Rotation moulded polyethylene, 6 mm thick, dyed. UV-resistant, stands up to weather, wear and tear. The material is suitable for granulation and recycling.

Surfaces and friction
The products have a textured/granulated surface due to abrasive blasting of the mold. This process enhances the friction and makes the surface less slippery. Top: Smooth surface

Top: Ø1130mm / Bottom: Ø810mm / H700mm

Loop Cone Table can be combined with various numbers of HopOp (recommended no: 6), or Loop Arc, winding around the table or forming a ring (requires 3 x Loop arc).

Color Choices
Loop Cone Table is composed of Loop Cone + Tabletop, which must be ordered separately. Loop Cone and tabletop may be the same colour or two different colours.

For surface fixation or fill with water/sand. Brackets to be ordred separately. Please see mounting instruction.

This product withstands most cleaning agents and chemicals and can be cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner. The colour can be revived using vinyl cleaner.

Loop, Loop Light, Loop Arc, Loop Line, Loop Corner, Picnic

Design Protection
Registered EU community design /
number 0014369920003

Product code
169 0101 Loop Cone red / 26kg
169 0102 Loop Cone lime green / 26kg
169 0103 Loop Cone orange / 26kg
169 0104 Loop Cone yellow / 26kg
169 0109 Loop Cone purple / 26kg
169 0111 Loop Cone sandstone / 26kg
169 0113 Loop Cone grey / 26kg
169 0117 Loop Cone blue / 26kg
169 0115 Loop Cone pastel blue / 26kg
169 0116 Loop Cone mocha brown / 26kg
169 0118 Loop Cone olive green / 26kg
169 0150 Loop Cone white / 26kg
178 0101 Tabletop f. Loop Cone red / 5kg
178 0102 Tabletop f. Loop Cone lime green / 5kg
178 0103 Tabletop f. Loop Cone orange / 5kg
178 0108 Tabletop f. Loop Cone anthracite / 5kg
178 0120 Tabletop f. Loop Cone recycled anthracite / 5kg
B11 Bracket for surface mounting
Loop Cone Table is a combination of Loop Cone + Tabletop.
When ordering, use product code 169 + 178.

Table in conical shape. Material: Rotation moulded polyethylene, 6 mm thick, dyed.
Outside diameter: Ø1130mm/Ø810 x H700mm. Inside diameter: Ø720/380mm
Fixation: For surface fixation or fill with water/sand


Standard colours
(approx. RAL)
Red: RAL 3020
Orange: RAL 2003
Lime green: RAL 120 70 60
Variant colours
(approx. RAL)
Yellow: RAL 1018
Purple: RAL 4004
Grey: RAL 7015
Blue: RAL 5010
Pastel blue: RAL 5024
Mocha brown: RAL 8028
Olive green: RAL 6025
White: RAL 9003
Recycled: Anthracite
The table top

The table top is easily placed and mounted in the bracket by the guiding rubber fittings - and can be fine tuned to level with the top of the Loop Cone. Also, see our mounting instruction.