The Garden School in South Auckland, New Zealand

The Garden School in South Auckland, New Zealand

School / LOOP Family

For the past 2 years The Gardens School in Manurewa Auckland has been undergoing a major building development with much of the school’s playground and playing fields having to give way to temporary prefab buildings.
Our distributor, Playground People, suggested out-sider’s Loop range, as a way of bringing some colour and liven up school’s outdoor area.

According to Leith McFadden from Playground People Ltd:  "The great benefits of the Loop range, particularly in a school environment, is that the seats are so fun and inviting, that they look great nearly anywhere you might want to place them in a school setting.  Of course, the kids love them, and the seats just look like they belong there".

South Auckland, New Zealand
Architect: The Garden School in collaboration with Playground People Ltd
Customer: Playground People Ltd

#135 LOOP / Design: AART Designers
#137 LOOP Arc / Design: AART Designers
#139 Boa /  Design: BSAA Arkitekter
#157 HOPOP 500 / Design: out-sider
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