Ellen, electric driven ferry, Denmark

Ellen, electric driven ferry, Denmark


E-ferry Ellen – 100% electric driven and CO2 neutral ferry.
A four year-long project has given birth to the first of a kind, E-Ferry Ellen.  This project, supported by EU fonds and ferry’s owner, Ærø municipality, had a clear goal: to build and test a 100% el driven and CO2 neutral ferry for passengers, cars and trucks.
What is unique about Ellen is that it gets its power from 50 tons of batteries placed in the cargos – ensuring that this, 60 meters long, beauty reaches its final destination .
Sustainability has been a keyword in the implementation of DKK 224 million worth E-ferry project. Ellen is built with light materials, e.g. fiberglass, and inventory used on the ferry should be supporting the same idea.

According to the ferry director, Keld M. Møller, out-sider’s Plateau was an obvious choice – robust, UV resistant while remaining sleek and elegant in its form and design – fitting perfectly in the overall concept.
out-sider’s 8 Plateaus are nicely placed on the platform, providing a seating for almost 100 passengers, who can enjoy a beautiful view, while miss Ellen is safely navigate through Danish waters.

The Ærø Ferries

Product: #177 PLATEAU Picnic L
Design: Holscher Design

Video: E-Ferry Ellen